Client database

Earn your clients' loyalty by showing your extensive knowledge about them. With the FreshOffice CRM feature, store all your client's information on a single Client card. Access relevant information with ease and quickly select and analyse data that you need for each client.

Client database

All interaction with your Clients, Tasks, Deals, Documents, Files, Comments and Communications are stored automatically in your Client card. Sales Managers can instantly learn the status of each client to take the right steps.

Client database

Switch from Table view to Analytics to view real-time statistics of your company. The data of new companies you have added are also available. Which sources and departments are the most effective? All you need to know about your clients are displayed through stunning yet simple visual diagrams and graphs.


Tasks lets you easily plan and analyse the work of your team and employees. FIlters help you sort your Tasks by priorities or types, such as "Mine", "Urgent", "Forgotten" and "For Today". Complete or reschedule tasks directly from the list.


Set custom reminders for selected clients. For example, if you have "Potential" or "Key Clients" and there are no current Tasks planned for them, your FreshOffice ecosystem will remind you to schedule a follow-up.


For every Task, a Type, Status or Owner can be assigned. Analyse the work of your teams and answer crucial questions such as "Which tasks require the most time?", "How many meetings or presentations have been made?" or "Who forgets or reschedules their Tasks the most?"


Calendar view allows you to plan meetings and collaborations with ease. Sync and view all your appointments from Google Calendar as well as Tasks directly from your FreshOffice platform. New Tasks created in your FreshOffice account will also appear automatically in your Google Calendar.


The work on Deals is done separately from the routine, recurring tasks. Deals will help you set priorities and manage work more effectively. The number of Opened Tasks will help you estimate potential profits. The number of Closed Tasks will show exactly how your Sales Department is perfoming.

Web Integration

Create a Registration form, copy the auto-generated HTML code and paste it on your website. All new leads are now created in your FreshOffice client database. Create different forms for different landing pages and monitor the results.

Finance Management

Manage your accounting easily and comprehensively. What is the balance on each account? What is the history of Profits and Losses? Your FreshOffice Finance feature is designed to help answer these questions.

Finance Management

Flexible system of finance analysis shows reports of your revenue and profit based on your personal settings. View the ratio of closed to open deals as well as the amount of expected revenue based on your agreements.

Finance Management

Use Analytics to quickly view the current financial status of your company, key sources of income and expenses. Easily estimate your company's financial future for the next few months.

Key Indicators

View the four key indicators of the company’s performance on one screen: How many new companies have been added in CRM? How many tasks have been completed? The balance sheet of income and costs and the status of your deals. Click on each indicator to view in full Analytics mode.

Fast Analytics

Manage all the data that you can measure with FreshOffice. Switch easily from Table to Analytics in each module to instantly interpret and display vital data of your work through stunning visuals.

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel management will help you monitor your business processes, pin down your weaknesses and strengths and take corrective actions to boost your sales.


Integrate FreshOffice with any IP Telephony in just a few clicks. FIll in the relevant data and manage your very own Call Centre that is automatically linked to CRM and Tasks.


If you receive a call from a client in your database, your FreshOffice ecosystem will display their company, name and title. While you're on the line, you can check the history of interaction with the client and can simultaneously create a new Task or add a Note in to your database.

Email Integration

Your communications history is an important element in your work with clients. FreshOffice integrates easily with any email service provider.

Email Integration

Now, you can send emails directly from your FreshOffice account or through your regular email account. All your communications will be saved in both your FreshOffice ecosystem and your regular mailbox for ease of access. Create and use Letter Templates to save on time.

Mass Mailing

How can you send customised and personal emails to thousand of accounts at the same time? Simply use the FreshOffice Mass Mailing featue, insert the necessary tags and your system will automatically complete the letter with corresponding data from your client database.


The fully functional chat platform in your FreshOffice ecosystem can be used for both private and group discussions. All your correspondence is automatically saved and is easily accessible. This allows you to quickly find important information and recall previously made agreements.


All the necessary materials for work can be uploaded directly from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive into FreshOffice. These files can then be attached to corresponding Tasks, Projects, Deals or Accounts for your convenience.


As a recurring process, the preparation of documents should take a minimum amount of time. Create your own templates for standard documents or use one of the existing templates. To add additional details to a template, such as a deal or an account number, simply select an account’s card and the necessary data will be added automatically.

Projects management

Project management encompasses much more than just control of the Tasks. In FreshOffice, you can instantly view the progress of all projects and analyse each project separately within a relevant context. The project’s card contains all the necessary documents and payments.


Identify your company’s key business processes and create a project template for each of them. When the workflow template is activated, all the Tasks are automatically assigned and all participants are instantly notified.


Organize your inventory directly through your FreshOffice platform. Catalog and store all your items according to their categories and sub-categories. Add product pictures, detailed descriptions and additional information as required by your business.