Always with you
In just seconds, assess the situation of your business accurately. Fast filters allow you to jump straight to the desired information without searching through long lists.
The most important data is collected on three screens - an analysis of all Tasks, the perfomance of each Manager and your own personal tasks.
A quick tap on any part of the visual provides you with the next level of analysis. Such detailed information will help you understand a situation better and lets you make an informed decision quickly.
Monitor sales and track the status of your Deals for the day, week or month. Visuals will display your planned and actual income.
Simply tap on the visual to further analyse who has succesfully closed more deals, which of your products sell best and the probability of your sales.
Every day, you should strive to avoid forgetting any important ideas. Assign Tasks from any page of the app and those responsible for the task will immediately receive a push notification about the work required.
Navigate between visual analytics and user friendly lists with a single tap. With a better understanding of your situation, you can take quick and decisive actions.
Manage Tasks right from your lists. Swipe right to open a quick menu where you can prioritise a Task, assign it to another Manager or reschedule a deadline with ease.
Important notifications are always visible - indicators at the bottom Menu reminds you about forgotten Tasks and new messages.
Control Panel

FreshOffice mobile lets you analyse your business performance on the go. Instantly view how many new customers you have for the day, week or month. Conveniently check on who your most effective managers are and how your deals or finances are coming along. Monitor key indicators and manage potential risks right from the start.

Improve Your Processes

Simply tap on any part of the visual to get detailed information. Too few tasks have been completed? Has a key client been forgotten? How many tasks have been overlooked? With FreshOffice mobile, you can immediately learn of any deviations from a plan, determine why this has happened and solve any issues that arise.

Always in the Know

No matter where your location - in a meeting, on a flight or at a conference - you will have access to comprehensive information about your customers and your business. All the information stored in your FreshOffice account is available, from your full list of contacts to the history of your communications. No matter the circumstance, FreshOffice is always with you.

Keep in Touch

Give important instructions, clarify crucial aspects of a deal and remind everyone in your team about agreements and the latest news. These are all possible with FreshOffice mobile. Messages store the entire history of your communication and allows you to stay in touch with your team anytime, anywhere.